Dr. Robert Saniuk (retired)

Dr. Robert Saniuk

A letter from Dr. Bob

Dear Patients:

The last year and a half has been difficult due to Covid-19 and the issues relating to that. Being in the “high risk” category it has made me stop and think about my future. It is with some regret, that I inform you of my retirement from practicing medicine effective at the end of this year. (2021)

I will still remain part-owner of Bellevue Family Practice so will ensure the excellent quality of care that the other practitioners provide for my loyal patients.

I have been working part-time for the past year and in that time I have seen our other providers step up and provide excellent care to some of my patients that I am unable to see. Carmen, Keri and Nicole have shown their ability and knowledge to handle very difficult patients with good thought and care; and with their combined 45 years of experience,

I am leaving you in very good hands. Also, Dr. Biskup will remain practicing full-time in anti-aging/regenerative medicine and trains the other providers each week in this discipline. Please contact our office to set up a future appointment for your continuation of care.

After 38 1/2 years, I will concentrate on my piano lessons, photography, golf and grandkids. I am not leaving this area and will possibly run across some of you around town.

God bless you all and keep safe and healthy.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Bob