Bellevue Family Practice’s fully equipped laboratory offers a wide variety of clinical testing. It is staffed by employees who work together with the physicians and PA-Cs to give accurate and timely results. The Bellevue Family Practice laboratory covers the fields of chemistry (electrolytes, liver enzymes, specific hormones, etc.), hematology (blood cell counts, diabetic glucose levels, etc.), and urinalysis.

Physicians Laboratory serves as the Bellevue Family Practice’s primary outside reference laboratory. Some lab tests that can not be run in our office and billed by us (per your insurance company) are sent to this outside lab.  If you owe for outside lab after your insurance processes the claim, you will receive a separate bill from Physicians Laboratory.  If you have questions regarding their bill, please call the Physicians Laboratory direct.  We do not have access to their billing.  They provide support for the Bellevue Family Practice laboratory staff and aid in diagnosing disease through the examination of cells and body fluids.

Our blood draw times are as follows:

Monday:   7:30 am-5:15pm

Tuesday – Friday:  7:30 am – 4:15pm

We do close between 1130am – 12:30pm for lunch